UPDATE: Junior World Championship in Castingsport 2021

Dear sport Friends,

regarding to your informations dated April 23, 2021 concerning the change of the place (Blonie x Szamotuly) the Juniors WC 2021 in Poland the ICFS accept and agree with your advance.

Please allow me to inform you that at the ICSF Executive Board at its regular video meeting accepted and confirmed the Polish Fishing Federation proposal to organize the World Junior Championship in Szamotuly in August 12.-15, 2021.

Your sports federation has a long tradition in organizing various international events and because we believe that the sport event will provide a high level of sport and social standard.

At the same time allow us to wish you good luck in the preparation of this important international sport event of the 2021.

The new invitation can be found here.


Kurt Klamet
President ICSF
Dr. Josef Dolezal
General Secretary ICSF
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