The International Casting Sport Federation was founded in 1955 and has since then worked to improve the international practise of Castingsport. We are a non-profit organization with the objectives to:

  • promote and encourage Tournament Castingsport throughout the World in conformity with the Olympic principles;
  • develop Castingsport Tournament;
  • frame and interpret ICSF Constitution and By-Laws;
  • promote and sanction international competitions in plug- and fly-distance and accuracy Castingsport;
  • arrange dates, events, venues for World Championships to be held every even year and Continental Championships to be held every odd year;
  • participate in World Games and arrange the Castingsport World Games;
  • confirm and maintain world record scores, continental record scores and international judges;
ICSF Meeting


Executive Board
Kurt Klamet, President
telephone: +49 1733910939
e-mail: kurt.klamet@icsf-castingsport.com

Helmut Hochwartner, Vice President
telephone: +43 676 6113977
e-mail: helmut.hochwartner@icsf-castingsport.com

Dionizy Mikolajczyk, Vice President
telephone: +48 22 620 50 89
e-mail: dionizy.mikolajczyk@icsf-castingsport.com

Linnea Morild, Treasurer
e-mail: linnea.morild@icsf-castingsport.com

Dr Josef Dolezal, Secretary General
telephone: +420 6034180490
e-mail: dr.josef.dolezal@icsf-castingsport.com

Ulf Person, Honorary Treasurer
e-mail: ulf.person@icsf-castingsport.com

Complete list of board and committee members

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