Results from the 1st World Cup in Vicenza

1st World Cup 2024

- Vicenza, Italy -

On Saturday, April 13th, 92 casters from 10 nations eagerly gathered for the 2024 World Cup in Casting sport and Flycasting at the baseball field in Vicenza, Italy.

The number of participants in the juniors’ category and the emotional return of young casters from Bulgaria to the World Cup were particularly delightful.

Despite the summer heat, participants delivered top performances in all events of Casting sport and Flycasting. An inclusive accuracy competition underscored the diverse nature of the sport. The World Cup was complemented by an innovative entertainment program featuring cheerleaders and a drawing competition.


A heartfelt thank you goes to the Italian Federation FIPSAS, as well as to the department heads Stefano Sarti (Casting sport) and Luisella Lavetto (Flycasting), for their on-site support, a special appreciation to Riccardo Carrara for expertly managing the Flycasting events.

A distinct acknowledgment is reserved for the local organizer Matteo Anaclerio, whose exceptional dedication and hub function made this World cup competition in Casting sport and Flycasting in Vicenza possible.

Successfully consolidating all nine events on one sports field allowed participants to benefit from new synergies.

Despite a long and challenging day of competition, all casters showcased their strengths, contributing to making this World Cup a truly unforgettable experience.

The World Cup series continues Saturday, May 11th, 2024, in Lenzing, Austria. Join us!

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